A fun little project in Inventor

Published on October 09, 2020 by Dino Nalbanski

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This one might look very simple, but it is production-ready, and well, we even have it working.

With the pandemic initially hit us all gym equipment suddently disappeared from shops. Well, yes, you are right - first the toilet paper disappeared, and then the gym equipment. As a consequence, I was asked by an acquaintance to help make this bench press for him. Here are a couple of images.

The challenge here, especially for an out-of-work project was to make it comfortable to use and safe. So I used the official guidelines of the Olympic committee to pull out the core measurements.

The steel construction was made with Inventor’s frame generator, which allows for a very flexible approach to modelling anything using standard profiles.

If anyone feels like making the same one for himself, the drawing will be down below along with a couple of photos of the project.

3d model preview

A render of the model’s assembly:

The drawing:

And finally, this is how it came out when made!
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